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A Bear Market Has Begun?by moneyre5

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My comments below and the articles that follow them, are in answer to lots of questions people are having – almost continuously. The first is from Casey Research, the second is an insightful article from Sovereign Man re prostitutes and Bankers, and the third is “STOCKS OFF THE CLIFF” but

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Strategic Retirement Planningby moneyre5

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Private Retirement Plan (also referred to as “PRP”):  A cash-rich life insurance policy is used to accumulate funds prior to retirement from which loans and/or withdrawals are taken during retirement years.  “Private” in this sense is used to make the distinction between this plan and a tax qualified plan such as

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Unintended Consequencesby moneyre5

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Avoiding Unintended Consequences: Thought processes for efficient use of money Who will logically profit from this information? Primarily any person or persons who are, or want to be, more financially informed and who have one or more of the following: 1. A good income 2. Own a home with a

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LifeComp vs Deferred Compby moneyre5

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LifeComp® DollarFlex plans provide selected employees with valuable supplemental benefits in a manner which is financially attractive to both the participant and the sponsoring employer. This is really a patented process that no one else has. It is the best way there is to keep a very valuable employee –

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Entrepreneurial Civil Disobedienceby moneyre5

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Are you worried about the future? It’s hard not to be. If you watch the news, you mostly see violence, disasters, danger. Some in my business call it “fear porn” or “pessimism porn.” People like the stuff; it makes them feel alive and informed. Of course, it’s our job to

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A Perspective on Incomeby moneyre5

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Build your own portfolio with Lincoln Lifetime IncomeSM Advantage 2.0 and i4LIFE ® Advantage Choosing the right investments for your variable annuity is important for retirement planning. You deserve to be confident that your investments will help you grow your assets, so you can retire when and how you want.

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An Annuity Storyby moneyre5

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Meet Jerry, and share his Annuity Story. When the market crashed in 2008 he took a good long look at himself and what he was investing in. He knew right then he needed to take a more active approach to his retirement plan in order to protect himself and his

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